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We stock colours in three different colour ranges so there is a choice to suit everyone
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Custom Colours

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We have a range of colours just in from the USA … Sparkle Starburst Plasma, Red Explosion and Brilliant Gold. Keep checking the site for the latest photo’s and information on the latest colours.

There are so many variations with colours to make them into a custom colour that we could not possibly show all the variants. It’s also where the cost can start to climb if you’re after something that nobody else has got. We buy some of our custom colours in from powder producers in the UK and we also buy some in from the USA. This is where the more vivid and flash colours seem to be available, maybe, because of our limited sunshine it is thought that we have no need for high gloss levels ,fancy metalics and sparkle finishes. Well how wrong that could be as we are being asked all the time for “something different” custom colours can be made up of 2, 3 or even 4 coats of different powders to achieve them. Some of which we buy in and some of which we make up ourselves through trial and error to find “something different”

So below you will find a list of colour variations. As we develop new ideas we will let you know on this page so keep popping back to check


This means a base coat to start with and then a semi-transparent colour over the top

For example. Silver base coat and then either candy red , candy blue, candy purple

The effect of these is looking through the semi-transparent colour at the base coat below and they are very attractive

Prismatic black is another firm favourite it needs a clear coat over the top and looks like it says on the tin, a prism of colours

From the usa shimmering emerald is a terrific metallic mid green this is applied over a black base (you should see this in the sunshine)


This could be as above, with the addition of a clear coat to protect and give a deeper shine

It could also be for example..silver base…candy red.. Blending into candy blue …then a clear coat

Or it could be a colour scheme of your own


This is really not recommended by us because at this stage the coating will be getting a bit on the thick side and can be liable to chipping. So it really depends on the application being done

This would also be a combination of base coats multi second coats and a clear coat.

You will always be given good advice, and we can do you a sample of your chosen colour idea to see if it’s what you expected.

Here at Wilkinson’s Powder coating we make a great job of refurbishing alloy and steel wheels. You can bring just the wheels or the whole car if you don’t want the trouble of taking them off yourself.